National Coalition for Community Capital

Welcome to the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3)

We have a vision of a new, more equitable economy — one focused on small, local businesses which keeps wealth, income, and jobs in local communities. Formed by a group of entrepreneurs, investors, legal and financial professionals, educators, journalists, researchers, and committed citizens, we have come together to address specific gaps in the shift towards a more sustainable economy. Our main focus is on the retention of capital in communities, with an emphasis is on how to better serve those who have been isolated and under-resourced. To improve and magnify the impact of this work, we have formed a new nonprofit, the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3). NC3 is part network, part think-tank, and part collaborative. Learn more about our vision, goals, programs, and how you can get involved.

Our Mission

The mission of NC3 is to help move a significant portion of the estimated $40+ trillion Americans have in long-term savings from Wall Street to local and social entrepreneurs, and to inspire similar shifts worldwide. We are especially committed to the intentional inclusion of communities and entrepreneurs historically excluded due to class, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.